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     HMHS Remote Learning Plan

March 29, 2020


Dear HMHS Parent/Guardian,

These are trying times for many people within our community as we navigate this pandemic together.   We all watched last week as Gov. Baker announced schools across Massachusetts would remain closed through May 4th with an expectation for a remote learning plan to be communicated.  While we know we can not replicate a school day for students, we can provide structured learning opportunities for students. District and school leadership teams met to formulate a plan that would support students, provide structure and guidance for families, while allowing flexibility in our ever changing world.  This is our way of assisting parents/guardians and students with streamlining communications, timing, and making school work a more predictable expectation.


The DESE guidance defines Remote Learning for us so we will all have the same expectation as we move forward.  

“Remote learning is not synonymous with online learning. Remote learning can take place in a multitude of ways, including by helping students engage with resources in their everyday lives and in the natural world around them. Remote learning also provides unique opportunities to further engage students in the arts or interdisciplinary work. Finally, we must be conscious of the effects of increased screen time and seek balance between learning through technology and remote learning that happens offline to support students’ curiosity and understanding.”

The full DESE Guidance is available online at:


Students will be expected to participate in remote learning when able.  To structure the expectations, a schedule will be implemented beginning on Monday, March 30.  High school students will check in through Google Classroom for each class during the day, while Middle school students check in through Google Classroom for the four core classes (English/Reading, Math, Social Studies, and Science) daily and for exploratory classes on Friday’s only.  Teachers will be posting online work, available for questions, hold office hours, etc… according to the schedule below.


Monday and Wednesday

Period 1 - 9:00 AM

Period 2 - 10:00 AM

Period 3 - 11:00 AM


Tuesday and Thursday

Period 4 - 9:00 AM

Period 5 - 10:00 AM

Period 6 - 11:00 AM


Middle School Exploratory classes will check in between 9-11AM, along with any other enrichment, club or other opportunity.

*Middle School grades 6-8 will focus on the 4 core classes as a priority.  Because our middle school exploratory classes meet every other day, there would be a conflict with times to connect online with students.  This applies to the following courses: Computer Science Discoveries, MS PE, Health, STEAM, Intervention ELA, Intervention Math, Enrichment, Digital Literature, Young Adult Literature, World Cultures, Career Explorations


Additional Information and Expectations

  • Students and parents must be aware that all school rules apply online in our remote learning communities.  All Handbook and Technology Acceptable Use policies and expectations apply. Students may be asked to join online conference calls and/or Google Hangouts with their classes. Students should have parent/guardian approval prior to joining.

  • Although attendance of students in Google Classroom, Zoom or Hangout is not expected to be reported to the office, if a student does not check in, log in or post work during a week teachers may reach out to check on students well being.  If there is a disruption to a students ability to participate in class, please communicate that to the teacher or an administrator.

  • Assignments will be provided for students through Google Classroom for each of their classes.  Students are encouraged to participate and follow along with the schedule to prevent regression, provide engagement and keep connected to the HMHS community.

  • Most student work will be a review of previous concepts, practicing skills, or a deeper dive into work already presented.

  • Student work will be recorded for completion and receive feedback.  What is feedback? Feedback can come in many forms. It could be comments, corrections, or a simple acknowledgement of the effort, but will not be graded.

    • We expect more guidance on this as we move forward from DESE.

  • Students should not be penalized for not participating.


Please feel free to reach out with any concerns either by calling 781-767-4616 x31071 and leaving a voice message or by emailing


Thank you and stay healthy.



Mrs. Laura J. Stevenson
Holbrook Middle - High School

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