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Welcome to the 
Holbrook Junior Senior High School 
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Our library contains approximately10,000 print volumes covering the five major genres of literature:  fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and folklore.  Noted authors, past and present, are featured to provide students with both informational and recreational reading materials.

Newspapers, DVDs, journals, audio books, magazines and professional development materials for teachers are included in the library holdings.  Reference materials such as online databases, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases and encyclopedias round out the collection.


Everybody is a Reader!

I often encounter kids who tell me they haven’t read a book in years and that they hate to read.  My response, “Everybody is a reader, we just have to find you the right book!” 


Most kids don’t realize they are reading all the time. Be it a magazine, menu, blog, catalog, text message, billboard, traffic sign... environmental reading plays a large part in their daily lives.

It is important to keep students engaged in the world of independent recreational reading.  Please continue to encourage your students to read. Your example is the most powerful encouragement; be a reader yourself.  Keep a print rich environment in your home, let your teens see you read. Nooks, Kindles and eReaders are great options for readers who shy away from print. Many reluctant readers will pick up magazines before they go for books.  Keep several around your home and reference them in your conversations. 

Remember, everybody is a reader!


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