Sources of Information

presented on September 28, 2018)  


                Activator- Provide 4 synonyms for the following words:  multiple  diverse
               Discussion:  Multiple and diverse sources strengthen a paper
               Activity:  Brainstorm sources/ Slideshow
               Student Work: Global Issues in Context 
               Summarizer:  Download a minimum of 4 sources into NoodleTools
                                     Share with Mrs.Paone and Mrs.Golden 

Look for high quality sources when conducting your research.  Here are a few pointers: 

A high quality source 
                        is written by a knowledgable author/expert in the field          

                        is unbiased and does not push an agenda

                            has been published/peer reviewed.

                            is either of a time period (historical) or up to date (contemporary).

                            is free of distracting ads or graphics

                            provides links to other reputable sources.

                            provides citations or is easy to cite

****When using the internet, remember that the better sites will likely end in ".org", “.edu” or “.gov”.


Capstone Projects will require you to use multiple and diverse sources of information. 

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation on SOURCES of INFORMATION.
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Next we will visit the Global Issues in Context database from the Old Colony Library Network

                                                                                                  global issues