Rough Drafts-Appendices

ROUGH DRAFTS/CITATIONS         (Presented to Mrs. Paone's class on Thursday, March 22, 2018)


Agenda: (will cover more than one day) 

Activator:  What is a flexible document? 
Discussion: What is the purpose of a rough draft? How is this a flexible document?
Activity:  Read sample rough draft provided, either on paper or online.  
      Note the open parenthesis throughout the paper and make an educated 
guess as to why they are placed where they are.  View the Citation PowerPoint.                                  Apply citation rules to your own work. Use 

Summarizer:  Exit poll students on how helpful the exercise was in framing and building their own work.


Documents to View:

1.  Rough Draft, Remembering 9/11:

2.  Citations PowerPoint:   /userfiles/38/my files/capstone citations.ppsx?id=778

3.   Exit Poll:          




Activator:   What is an appendix?  How does it relate to research?
Discussion: An appendix in your research paper clarifies or further explains a section to the reader
Activity: View sample research paper on 9/11 to see added content   
Summarizer:   email Mrs. Paone and Mrs. Golden on a possible appendix to your paper

Document to View:

1.  Sample research paper:
     Remembering 9/11