Surveys and Interviews


Activator: Reflect on a time you were interviewed or surveyed. What do you believe the purpose was?  
Discussion:  In the research process, surveys and interviews are valuable methods of data gathering if you use        them correctly.
Activity:  PowerPoint discussion, survey, experiment, 
Summarizer:  Reflection questions  

1.   To view the PowerPoint on Surveys and Interviews, click here:



 2.  Next, you participate in an online survey on multitasking.  See here for the survey. 

 3.  You will work with a partner to conduct an experiment on multitasking.  See here for the experiment.   

 4.  Finally, you will complete a post-experiment blog. See the Multitasking tab on the left. 

(If the blog is not working,copy the following questions onto a Google document and share out your results with Mrs. Paone and Mrs. Golden.)

How long did it take you to sort the cards the first time? How much longer did it take you to sort the cards and solve the equations the second time?


How does doing more than one mental task at a time affect your overall performance?


Did you expect this?


Why do you think it is illegal to text and drive?