Quick Reference Links

Use these valuable links for quality reference materials:
(See Mrs. Golden for usernames and passwords if necessary)
An encyclopedia is a reference tool that covers a wide range of topics with information from highly reliable sources. Information is up to date and well cited. Online tools such as text to speech, highlighting, dictionary, translation, downloading and email features make this a great student resource.



This is available through the website of the Old Colony Library Network. 
here to access Encyclopedia Britannica. 




A dictionary can provide: word meanings, pronunciations, spellings, other word forms, parts of speech, word usage, syllabication, illustrations, diagrams, word origins.

A thesaurus can provide synonyms and antonyms. 

See here to access Merriam Webster's Dictionary
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An atlas will provide maps of the world, continents, countries, states and provinces, cities and landforms. 

See here to access Grolliers Atlas


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An almanac will provide statistical information, facts, figures, dates and important milestones on a wide range of topics including government elections, health and vital statistics, the arts, economy and business and much more. Password required. 

See here for the World Almanac and Book of Facts.


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**See here for lesson handout on Reference Materials. This was done in small groups during Capstone class.**