Creating a PSA

What is a Public Service Announcement?

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A public service announcement is a short message produced on film, video or audio tape that
sends a message or raises awareness to the public on important issues.
Radio stations on average devote about one-third of their commercial advertising time to PSAs.
So if a station dedicates 18 minutes per hour to commercial advertising, approximately 6
minutes of that time will consist of PSAs.


A few points to consider while creating a PSA:
        Use simple, vivid language
        Make your message very clear
        Use “hook” words and phrases.    (For example: “If you are between the ages of 12 and 18…”)
        Request a specific action
        You want listeners/viewers to do something differently as a result of your PSA


Task: Use either Google Slides to create a PSA of at least 10 slides on texting and driving.Use this link from the CDC for information for your PSA:

Your message should center around the healthy use of technology, texting and driving,

You may choose another topic such as violent video games, gaming addiction or any related technology topic. Use engaging photos and real facts for your presentation.