Presented to Capstone Classes on December 12, 13, and 14, 2017



Activator: Read sample document provided.

Discussion: What are your thoughts on this document? How does this relate to the rights of a copyright holder?
Activity: Log onto www.turnitin.com.  
Summarizer:  Blog Post.   See LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER-VIEW BLOG to add your comments. 


Turn It In is a widely used program that is designed to assist students in their academic writing. It has several features that detect similarity to millions of pages of web content. It will allow you to see what portions of your paper need revision and how to improve the quality of what you write.

*This is a tool commonly used by colleges and universities to detect plagairism. Penalities for plagairism at the college level are severe, including expulsion with no financial reimbursement. Applying to another college will be extremely difficult as they will want to know the reason why you left your former school.

It is also designed to protect the intellectual property of others, which is protected by copyright and intellectual property law.

Remember, there are six protections the law provides you as a copyright holder:

Reproduction                         Public Performance

Adaptation                             Public Display

Distribution                            Digital Transmission Through a Sound Recording


A great read:

See here for an excerpt:  Conning Harvard by Julie Zauzmer


                                                                           conning harvard